Goose makes top 3 in world’s longest bar crawl!

The Goose and Cuckoo is proud to have been named in the top 3 pubs following the world’s longest bar crawl.

Pals, Peter Hill and John Drew, recently completed the record breaking crawl after visiting 20,000 pubs across the UK over the past 33 years.

Of the 20,000 pubs visited, The Goose and Cuckoo in Upper Llanover was named in the pair’s top three favourite pubs in the whole of Britain!

According to an article in The London Economic (TLE), The Goose was number 13,302 on the list of pubs visited, but that certainly didn’t stop it from being a memorable one.

We are very impressed with their dedication and they are welcome back to the Goose for a pint any time.

You can read more about this story here in TLE.