Goose Fest 2018 Beer list!

Not long to go now until our annual music and beer festival kicks off this Sunday (27th May). Here is a list of some of the beers we have lined up for you to enjoy:

Kingstone Brewery  

1503 Tudor Ale 4.8% & Challenger 4.0%

Kingstone Brewery is a 4 barrel craft brewery which uses traditional methods to produce over 8 different types of beer. We’ve selected two of them for you to try at Goose Fest 2018.

Challenger is a brown beer which Kingstone describes as, “fruity, almost scented, with a hint of spice and it produces a fine backbone of bitterness to any ale.”

1503 Tudor Ale is a ruby beer described by the Tintern-based brewer as, “deep chestnut red, lightly hopped, yet full of chocolate, coffee and malt complexities.”

Goffs Brewery 

Lancer 3.8%

Lancer is a gold beer brewed by the award-wining Cotswold craft beer family. Goffs Brewery say Lancer is a “delicious golden ale, packed with a plentiful quantity of Cascade hops to give a light, citrusy aroma and fresh taste, and an aftertaste full of tropical fruits.”

Great Heck Brewery 

Mount Hood 4.5%

The Great Heck Brewery in Yorkshire brews both traditional and modern beers. Mount Hood is a golden ale with a white head and a solid body. Great Heck Brewery says: “US Mount Hood hops are used late in the boil and during fermentation to give moderate bitterness, a refined spicy aroma and a clean taste.”

Glamorgan Brewing Co.

Cwrw Gorslas 4.0% & Jemima’s Pitchfork 4.4%

We have selected two beers from the Llantrisant-based brewery. Named after the Carmarthenshire village in which it was first brewed, Cwrw Gorslas is a chestnut best bitter with “aromatic notes of spice and hop resin”. The Glamorgan Brewing Co. also describe it as “A rich buttery biscuit flavour from the malt dissipates to a clean bitter with notes of dry fruit and toffee.”

Jemima’s Pitchfork is a multi award-winning golden ale named after Jemima Nicholas who fought off a group of 12 French soldiers armed with just a pitchfork during the Battle of Fishguard in 1797.  The Brewery describe it as: “A crisp and refreshing golden ale brewed for extreme drinkability. New world hops bring brilliant fruit flavours of pear, melon and citrus.”

To sample these beers and more, please visit us for Goose Fest 2018 on Sunday 27th May featuring live music from four live bands, a hog roast and BBQ.

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