Goose & Cuckoo Timeline


Disappearing Pubs

The Goose and Cuckoo, then called the New Inn, survives a cull of all the pubs in Llanover as it sits just outside the estate of the teetotal and temperance campaigner Lady Llanover.


First Known Owner

Raphael Freeman Franco is the first known owner of the pub, which is subsequently bought off him in the same year by Charles Jones of Pistill Gwyn, Llanover.


The Edmunds Era

Lewis Edmunds takes over the pub which remained in his hands until his death in 1903, aged 89.


A New Name

The pub changes its name to the Goose and Cuckoo under the ownership of Mary Elizabeth Chetwynd.


The Present and the Future

Sue and Rhiannon take over the pub, with Rhiannon’s son Morgan.

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